Amstar Engineering, Inc. provides the following types of engineering services:

  • Architectural engineering, structural engineering and civil engineering design and inspection services for buildings and for environmental protection.
  • Forensic engineering services including investigations of foundation movement, moisture intrusion and structural distress in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Wood floor-and-roof-truss and post-tension concrete foundation failure investigations.
  • Surface and groundwater drainage investigations, including the effect of unanticipated water intrusions, weather and common Texas soils on structures.
  • Septic system failure investigations of private property, lake or stream pollution.
  • Personal injury or property loss investigations involving construction event or deficiency and requiring forensic engineering evaluation of a loss.
  • Assistance to property owners, building contractors and subcontractors involved in owner-contractor disputes, contractor-subcontractor disputes, incomplete or faulty architectural, structural or civil plan disputes, or project “value engineering” issues.
  • Protective and safe room design services.
  • Technical seminar, continuing education and software development.

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