Amstar Engineering, Inc. and its employees have a long history of providing design, inspection and forensic engineering services.

The company’s clients include homeowners and commercial property owners, architects, engineers, building contractors, subcontractors, steel fabricators, steel detailers, property managers and attorneys.

The company’s professional engineering sub-consultants, many of whom are also licensed to practice engineering in Texas and other states, include structural engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers and MEP engineers.  Other technical sub-consultants include specialists in fire causation, water intrusion, HVAC and mold issues.

Federal licensure include Department of Defense certification in Fallout Shelter Analysis — protective design services for new or existing structures against “dirty bomb” or other forms of radiation hazard; blast protection, engineered “safe rooms”, EMF and HVAC biochemical protection.

The company strives to maintain sound working relationships with all of its clients and sub- consultants.   Approximately 90 percent of the company’s annual workload is derived directly from, or as referrals from, existing or previous clients.

Amstar Engineering, Inc. maintains the following minimum requirements for its professional-level employees and for some sub-consultants:

  1. A minimum of a masters degree in architectural, structural or civil engineering from an accredited college or university.
  2. Professional engineering licensure by examination.
  3. A minimum of fifteen years of specialized, but diverse, experience as a professional engineer.

Due to existing staff resources, the company is not currently seeking additional employees.

The company’s engineers have experience in the following types of projects:

Project Type
Apartments, condominiums, townhouses, co-ops, homes, ranches, mobile home parks
Shopping centers, stores, banks, restaurants, bars, car washes, canopies, kiosks
Office buildings, business parks, parking garages
Churches, schools, university buildings
Medical, rehabilitation, nursing homes, retirement homes
Sports stadiums, arenas, recreational buildings, theme parks, hotels, motels, casinos, swimming pools, camps, theaters
Shipping ports, docks, retaining walls, airport facilities, transit facilities, post offices, prisons and jails, fire stations, public housing
Industrial manufacturing centers, factories, cranes, power plants, laboratories, petrochemical plants, offshore drilling platforms, mezzanines, pipe racks, warehouses, scaffolding, conveyors, towers, signs, waste remediations
Military facilities and structures
Subdivisions, bridges, streets, drainage, parking, waterproofing, water and wastewater treatment and distribution including septic systems, landfills
Specialized design including earthquake, thermal, foundations, masonry, prefabricated systems, stairs and railings, steel connections, steel trusses, wood trusses
Structural investigations involving fires,  tornadoes, collapses, foundations, doors, injuries, accidental deaths
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